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7 Basic Men’s Essentials – 2019

7 Basic Men’s Essentials | Every Man Must Need in his Wardrobe – 2019

Basic mens essentials


  • Are you confused and don’t know what to wear to look more fashionable.


  • Do you want to look good/handsome?


  • You want to stand out from other people around you, but don’t know how to do it.


If you are someone new to Men’s style, but you are not aware of Men’s Fashion Clothing, Want to know about the basics of men’s essentials, then my friend this article is for you.


This article will help you to provide information regarding the essentials men need to have in his wardrobe to start his fashion life.


So, let’s begin

Hey what is up you people, welcome to my blog here we will be discussing about the 7 basic men’s essentials every man must need in his wardrobe.




7 Basic Men’s Essentials | 1- Black/White t-shirt

The most basic thing on the list is having a few t-shirts in your wardrobe. T-shirts are one of those essentials which you can wear every day and still look fashionable.


The only thing you need to keep in mind is the fit of your t-shirt, if you buy a high-quality t-shirt and it doesn’t fit you well, it is no better than crap.


So make sure it fits you well at the shoulders, biceps, and chest, not so fit not so loose


We are talking about the basics, so I would suggest you guys go with the basic colors like white, black and navy blue t-shirts to try first, then you can try and experiment with other colors based on your understanding about which suits you well.


 Denim jeans

7 Basic Men’s Essentials | 2-Denim jeans pant


Denim jeans are one of the oldest style items, they have been there since ages and why not, they are the most versatile pants anyone can have in their wardrobe. They are light, comfortable and more than that they are stylish if taken care might last for a year or two years.


I would suggest you guys go with blue and black colored denim pants, a white t-shirt paired with blue denim jeans is the go-to outfit for any guy. So simple yet so stylish.




7 Basic Men’s Essentials | 3-White sneakers


I love sneakers, if theirs is anything that I can buy on and on, its sneakers for sure, believe me, they are amazing style piece to have in your wardrobe and mark my words once you get them you are never going to go with any other footwear like flipflops, sandals, etc.


I would suggest you go for White sneaker, they are the most versatile sneakers on the market, they go with every outfit znd make you look sharp and clean.


As I said above, a white t-shirt paired with blue denim jeans and white sneakers will make you stand out from all the other guys around you and you will be thanking me for guiding you.


So get some white sneakers and let the sneakers speak for themselves.





7 Basic Men’s Essentials | 4-Watch


Watch is like a dessert after the dinner, without which your outfit is incomplete, this is something most of the guys are missing, they think it is of no use but try it once, and you will change your decision, it will not only make you look stylish but will also make you look more punctual.


Get yourself a watch, Digital or Analog depends on you.






7 Basic Men’s Essentials | 5-Chinos


If you don’t want to go with denim jeans every day, then my dear friends this one’s for you. Chinos are considered to be more comfortable than denim jeans, they are more breathable and in some cases, they are more stylish then denim jeans.


Black and navy should be your first choice, these are the most classic colors you can have in your wardrobe. they go with casuals and formal, just match the shirt, shoes, and boom you are ready to go.




7 Basic Men’s Essentials | 6-Hoodie


If you are a young guy like me then you are going to like them, they also fall under the most needed thing in men’s wardrobe. Wear a t-shirt under a hoodie and it will keep you warm in the winter.


They are different from t-shirt and shirt, they are comfortable looks stylish and you will be having more options to try other than shirts and t-shirts.


Just make sure it fits you well, try bright colors or you can even try the basics black, white or grey. It’s worth giving a shot.




7 Basic Men’s Essentials | 7-chex shirt


Most people think of shirts as to wear only for formals, I used to think the same before, but we were wrong. Shirts can be worn for formals, casual and party also; there are different types of shirts available in the market button-down, polo’s, floral shirts and many more.


We are talking about basics, so I would suggest you guys go for button-down and formals, button-down are more like casual shirts can wear for hangouts to chill and formals can be worn at jobs or interviews and presentation also.


That’s it for today, I hope you guys like it, if yes then like, share and follow me on social media

 Until Then HAVE A NICE DAY…




































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