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Basic T-shirt guide for men – 2019

Basic T-shirt guide for men

  • You don’t know how to rock a t-shirt?
  • Confused when to wear a t-shirt?
  • Want to look muscular in a t-shirt but don’t know how?
  • Don’t know what to match with which t-shirt?

If you are someone who are confused and doesn’t know when and how to wear a t-shirt or how to rock a t-shirt then my friend this article is for you. In this article, I’m going to share a simple and easy tips/ hacks about t-shirts every man should know to look amazing in a t-shirt [Basic T-shirt guide for men – 2019 ].

Hey what is up to you people, welcome to my blog, here is my basic tips or hacks when it comes to wearing t-shirts – ultimate fashion guide – T-shirts.

Just by changing a few fashion factors in your dressing you can go from looking average to looking absolutely dope.



The very basic reason of t-shirts came into men’s fashion because men wear got bored and don’t want to wear shirts all the time, i.e. where button less shirt ( t-shirt) got in to picture, which simply means

  • They are casual clothes
  • They should not be worn in formal occasions
  • They give out the cool vibe, not the office vibe

There are mainly three types of T-shirts

  1. V-neck
  2. Round neck
  3. Polo’s

There are many more but we are talking about Basic T-shirt guide for men – 2019 , so we will stick to basics.



V-neck’s have been in the fashion world for a long time, it is a very good option for slim guys as well as muscular guys. It makes your neck look like v shape, that makes an illusion to other people, it looks more structured and thick and makes you look more muscular.


Round neck

Round necks are more casual then V-neck’s, they make you look more simple.  The best advice I can give you as a friend is, If you want to up your fashion game then my friend avoids wearing these round neck t-shirts and go for V-necks.



  • Polo t-shirts are in their league
  • they might look similar to those of shirts due to collars, but they are t-shirts.
  • They also make you look more structured, muscular as off V-necks due to the v-shaped collar.
  • They come in the category of semi-formal t-shirts,

let us say you want to go for a date or a movie or a party and you don’t want to wear formals as well as you cannot wear a round or v- neck t-shirt, that is wear polo t-shirt comes in to picture.

As I said polo t-shirts are in their league, they also have different types of polo’s



The very Basic of polo t-shirts, with no patterns, no logos. It gives you a monochromatic look and it also gives you the semi-formal look, you can wear it on occasional parties, etc.


Plain with Trim


It is similar to that of plain polo t-shirt but the difference is in the sleeves and collars, there is another color at the end of sleeves and collars which acts as a highlight and makes the outfit pop.



It doesn’t mean wearing polo t-shirt’s having big, colorful, bright, cartoonist patterns. Polo’s with only small and mild patterns should be considered, which includes small dots, lines, etc.


Maturity Index

Maturity index means wearing t-shirts according to your age, color, patterns, occasion. If you don’t consider these aspects, it might be possible that you might get trolled.

  • Don’t wear a t-shirt having more than 2 colors on it.
  • Wear basic colors like Black, white, Navy blue.
  • If you are an older person ( I.e. 25 or above ) don’t go for bright colors and big patterns.
  • Instead, go for mild and dark colors
  • If you are a college guy, then you can wear bright colored and patterns.
  • Make sure it matches your outfit


Get it Tailored


The most important aspect of any outfit, you can do all the things on this list, but if you miss this one thing i.e. The Fit.

Go find a tailor, Make sure the t-shirt fits you perfectly.

  • Not to loose – Not to tight
  • Tight at chest
  • Loose below chest
  • It should hug your arms
  • Also, have breathable space

If you will not get them tailored, then it will make you look baggy, wearing clothes that don’t fit you is not the correct thing to do.

Believe it, my friend, it can make or break your outfit. Just get the fit right and you’re half done in Basic T-shirt guide for men – 2019 .

Here we have finished our t-shirt guide, now we will be learning how to match them with other clothes.


Pairing with pants


Paring t-shirts for any occasion can be done with two pants,

  • Denim
  • Chinos

They can also be paired with shorts, but that’s a whole different article.



Denim pants have been one of the oldest fashion outfits, which never went out of fashion. They look stylish, affordable, durable and match with many outfits.

It is also one of the Basic Mens Essentials Every Man Need. If you have not checked our blog on this, then the link is below.

So, Get yourself some basic denim pants Blue and black being the 1st priority and match them with the basic t-shirt black and white being the 1st priority and boom you’re ready to go and nail it.



Chinos have been the most comfortable pants anyone can have in his wardrobe, they give more of a formal vibe then denim pants.

If you want to go for a date or a party then my friend gets yourself a white Polo (plain with trim) t-shirt and pair it with Blue or black chino pants and you are ready to rock the date.

It is also one of the Basic Men’s Essentials Every Man Need. If you have not checked our blog on this, then the link is below.



Pairing with shoes



This is something where most of the people do a mistake, as we discussed earlier that t-shirts are casual wear and they cannot be worn in any formal occasions

Similarly, t-shirts cannot be paired with formal footwear like formal shoes, boots, etc.

T-shirts can be paired with

  • Sneakers
  • Loafers
  • Flip flops
  • Sport shoes

As we are talking about the Basic T-shirt guide for men – Shoes, we will not be discussing Flip Flops.




If there is anything that can rock t-shirts, it is sneakers. They are one of the most versatile shoe options any men can have in his Men’s Fashion wardrobe.

They are comfortable, cheap, durable and goes with pretty much any outfit.

Get yourself one White sneaker and you guys are going to thank me later.

A white Polo (plain with trim) t-shirt paired with Blue chino pants and the white sneaker is the best outfit you can wear for a date and believe me guys girls love it.

is also one of the Basic Men’s Essentials Every Man Need. If you have not checked our blog on this, then the link is below.



There is much to say about it, it is a whole another article. You can wear them for a semi-formal occasion like going to an office party, etc.

I would suggest you guys go with Blue or Black, they pretty much go with any outfit. So wear them at the party or in any casual occasion you want.

That’s it for today, I hope you guys like Basic T-shirt guide for men – 2019, if yes then like, share and follow me on social media

























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