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How to Get Your Crush to Like You

How to get your crush to like you

  • Do you have a crush on someone?
  • You want your crush to like you the way you like her, but don’t know how to do it.
  • Want to make him/her your partner?

This article will provide information regarding tips or hacks that anyone can implement in his/her life and know How to get your crush to like you”.


So, let’s begin

Hey, what is up you people, welcome to my blog. In this article, I will be teaching you how you can make any girl your girlfriend, or any boy your boyfriend.   This article applies to both boys and girls.


It’s not a kid’s game

But before we begin there’s one thing I want to tell you, people, use these tips only when you are sure that you want that girl or boy to be your partner and you are really in love with that person.

There are two kinds of people in this world

Shallow people

How to get your crush to llike you - Shallow people

Shallow people are those kinds of boys and girls, for them what only matters is looks, beauty, money in your wallet, body, etc.

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Deep people

How to get your crush to like you - Deep people

The people who fall in this category, they look for Love, intelligence, personality, a good heart, etc. It doesn’t mean they don’t care about the looks and money, everyone cares about looks but those are not the only things to look for in the other person.

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Now here comes the first Tip/hack


How to get your crush to like you

“Learn to Reject & accept”

If you meet a boy or a girl who falls under the category of shallow people, he/she talks always about looks, money, and body, then my friend you need to stay away from them.

Always look for the kind of people who fall into the category of deep people, they are the perfect ones for you to be your partner.

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How to get your crush to like you


How to get your crush to llike you- drive/ambition

If you want to get the boy or girl you have a crush on to like you, then these tips are very important to you. All the boys or girls who fall in the deep people category find this one thing very attractive i.e; “DRIVE”.

DRIVE means passion, ambition if the boy or girl has passion in his/her life to achieve something big and he/she is giving his best to achieve his dream. This habit makes any girl or boy fall for you.

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How to get your crush to like you

“Make the first move”

make th first move

I know it might seem so awkward sometimes rather many times, but girls never make the first move most of the time until you are a celebrity. You cant expect your crush to read your mind and figure out that you have a crush on him/her. so be the first one to make the move.

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How to get your crush to like you


How to get your crush to llike you-friends

If you want to know “How to get your crush to like you”. Then this step is very crucial to my friend.

It’s like, “Slow and steady wins the race”.

Don’t get excited or overconfident, and propose your crush, no never do that thing.

  • Find out what your crush is passionate about.
  • Ask questions about their interests and life.
  • Don’t be desperate, behave normally.
  • Become friends with your crush friends.
  • Share your interests with your crush so they get to know you.
  • Be gentle, show respect.
  • Be The ultimate men.

“Sense of Humor”

-sense of humor

This particular tip will come very handy at any time of your life. If you have a good sense of humor then my dear boys and girls you’ll be surrounded by people all the time, people love those who can make them laugh.

Now once you have formed a friendship, its time shows them what you feel for them.



How to get your crush to like you

“Flirting with your crush”

How to get your crush to llike you-flirting with crush


Show them your playful side, fun side

Show some Humorous side of yours,  be playful, flirty. Your crush will be more likely to spend more time with you.

Give him/her compliments on things you like about them

Be genuine about this, let your crush know that you like about them, it may be anything, outfit, personality, sports, etc.

Maintain some mysteriousness

Don’t tell your crush everything about you at once, leave something for the next time. If your crush comes to you and asks about the topics that you didn’t end, then In this way you’ll also know that he/she is interested in you or not.

  • Impress her/him with your smile.
  • Let her feel comfortable around you.

Hold eye contact to show that you like them.

When your crush looks at you, its one of the best times to show what you feel about him/her. Eyes can tell a lot that you can never describe in words. So look in the eyes and give a beautiful smile, it will show that you are interested to be more then friends.

Be careful at the same time not to be too pushy. don’t force too much that he/she might feel awkward.

Lean towards them when you’re talking to them.

It shows that you’re interested in what they are doing or saying, remain engaged. He/she will be happy if you remember something that she told you about something else.

Wishing him/her good luck for the interview he/she told you a few days ago.



How to get your crush to like you

“Be yourself”

If you have a crush on someone, it doesn’t mean that you need to behave like some other person to make your crush to like you. Be yourself, because you want your crush to like you, not the other person. Wear what you like, that you usually wear, which makes you feel good, in which you’re comfortable.

“Do not enter the FRIEND Zone”

Every boy/girl becomes a friend first then-lover because they think it will work, but most of the time it doesn’t work. He/she will put you in the category of friend-zoned. So, to void it you need to follow these steps;

  • Don’t behave the same way every friend of your crush behaves like. It will make him/her think, that you are the same as they are, so don’t do it.
  • Let him/her know that it is different from the other persons around you.
  • If your crush has put you in friendzone, then stay away from him/her for some time. If he/she has some feelings towards you, then they will talk to you and that is then the perfect time to tell her what you feel about your crush.

Go ahead, be confident and tell them your feelings. Ask them out for a date or coffee.

Tell them what you feel for them, for example;

We have been friends for so long, “I have to feel for you I like you”, so will you come on a date with me if you feel the same.


How to get your crush to like you

“Never forget your self-worth”

Love is addictive but doesn’t let it destroy your self-worth, don’t forget who you are for someone else, Just because you’re in a relationship that doesn’t mean you should forget everything else and be a tail of your him/her. Be the same person you were before, don’t leave your work, your friends, family, spend some time with them too.

After following all these tips, you propose your crush and still, it didn’t work the way you wanted, i.e he/she said no to you. Don’t get depressed or feel sad, just think that your he/she was not made for you and move on because remember

“There are many fishes in the sea”.

That’s it for today. I hope you guys like it, if yes then like, share and follow me on social media.






  1. it’s not a kids game.
  2. stay away from shallow kind of people.
  3. Have some ambition in life, it will make you look more attractive.
  4. Be the first to make the move, be confident.
  5. Be witty (good sense of humor).
  6. show how playful, flirty you’re.
  7. Give compliments to your crush.
  8. Maintain eye contact.
  9. Smile as often as you can.
  10. Be yourself.


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